Thursday, May 23, 2013

Sleeping Pill?

I realized on the way to work yesterday afternoon, that I had a profound experience in the wee hours of  the morning.
My mother was right.  Chubby little girls who insist on ballet lessons, point no less, wind up with joint problems later in life.  My feet are a mess, but it's my hips that sometimes wake me up in the middle of the night.  Ordinarily there's no going back to sleep without medicinal intervention.  Often I incorporate the pain into my dreams.  I do the same thing with alarm clocks, but ironically the aches eventually wake me while the alarm does not.
Last night I dreamt.   The pain was huge and radiant and I somehow knew that I had to take a pill that began with "g" to be alright.  In the dream I knew the whole name of it, but in waking only the "g" remains.  My friend Minda was there in the dream, and I asked her if she had this medication.  She hesitated, because she had it by prescription and there are laws.  But seeing what misery I was in, she dug a bottle out of her purse and dispensed just one, which I did not hesitate to swallow immediately, as pain knows no laws.
I woke up, hurting.  But in the haze of half sleep I assured myself that I had just taken something and it would be okay soon.
It was when I was driving to work that I realized... the dream pill not only let me sleep, I was still pain free sitting in the car hours later.  I am rarely pain free sitting in the car.  Stunning.
Tonight I hope Minda gives me something to make my clothes fit better.

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